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The #1 Way To Sell Anything If You Don't Like Being Pushy
Written by Wes Bewley on June 2018
I grew up watching movies like Tommy Boy where I was taught "never take no for an answer"

Or that you always had to have a great comeback for any sales question.

So early on "selling" to me was seen as a duel of sorts.  A battle of wits.  May the best man win.
Chances are, there are still many people out there that believe this is how sales actually take place in the real World.

Which is probably why most people hate selling.

Thankfully, there's another level of salesmanship called educating.

My goal when I want to sell something is to do everything except sell. Yes you read that right.

When I really want to sell something I make sure that I do not sell in the general sense.

Instead, I educate.  And when you educate you can sell anything that you want to as often as you want to.

You probably saw this quote above:
That quote changed my life.  But I had to read it a few times to understand what it was really saying.

I always tell my inner circle members that if they're not earning the amount of income that they want to each month, then they don't have a money problem.  What they actually have is a sales and marketing problem and that can be corrected.

You see, the way you're going to sell anything is to educate your potential customer or client on how remove the pain of something they don't want or how to increase the pleasure of something they do want. (read that again)

Lets pretend you were in the drill business and you had the best drill on planet earth!

The RIGID SUBZERO 4.7 Drill (que the ooohs and ahhs)
Now side note: Your life would be pretty terrible in my opinion if thats what you had to wake up and do each day for a living but for the purposes of this exercise lets assume thats your profession, because lets face it, if you can effectively sell something as boring as a drill, you can likely sell anything.

So you have this drill.  Its a very expensive drill.  But its the best.  And your ideal customer is a person who appreciates quality and reliability.

What you have to do is place yourself in the mind of
your customer and consider what they would use your drill for.

Perhaps to hang a picture?

So then why would this person want to hang a picture?

Perhaps to make their living space feel like theirs.  To officially take ownership of it by saying... "Yes this is my picture and its hanging on my wall.  This space is mine now"

Perhaps to make their living space feel like a home with a warm and loving painting that makes them feel a certain way when they look at it.

Maybe one that reminds them each day about a great experience they had.

Perhaps to enjoy the feeling of their friends coming over to see this beautiful picture or painting hanging on the wall and to hear one of them say "Wow! Amazing picture Tiffany! I love it"

Notice how I'm considering how that picture will make the potential buyer feel?

Not the drill.  I must sell the result.  Not the thing that will help them get the result just yet.

*This is where most marketers mess up.  They sell the thing instead of selling the result the thing will help someone get along with the feeling they'll receive in the process.

How something makes you feel is why you purchase just about everything you purchase.

So thats why when i say:
Check out my RIGID SUBZERO 4.7 Drill, this is the best drill, it makes a perfect hole, and it on sale right now for 20% off!!!

That statement goes unnoticed by my potential buyers because they don't want the drill. 

If I sell the thing... I don't get any sales.  (que a sad song)


If we wanted to sell this drill, it would be much better to:

Create a document or a short video on 7 Ways To Make Your Home A More Welcoming Environment

This marketing material would have 6 tips that weren't connected to hanging pictures 
- area rugs
- neutral paint with a splash of color on one wall
- furniture arrangement
- feng shui
- front door
- lighting

but one of them would be about hanging pictures or paintings.

We would market it to people who were interested in home interiors with absolutely nothing to sell on this particular video.

However, for someone that watched at least 50% of the video, we would re-target them with a short clip with tips on hanging pictures perfectly. We would also include how we were really enjoying our new RIGID SUBZERO 4.7 Drill that helped us quickly and quietly drill a perfect hole every time.

We'd likely demonstrate how easy it was to use and hang up a beautiful picture right there on camera!  We would have a look of satisfaction on our face and the person watching the video would likely mirror our facial expression.

Then there would be an invitation to view this drill's website where we sell it.

After they clicked on the webpage that the drill was for sale on, they likely wouldn't buy it right then...

But the seed was already planted in their mind and the most difficult task has already been achieved.

Now a couple of things have happened at this point and I want to highlight this for you, then we'll finish up with how to sell the drill.

So far:  You have accomplished some very important things.

a) You have properly identified the right type of person who would be interested in your drill

b) You have built like & trust with them by educating them on ways to add warmth to their home

c) they like you now

d) they trust you now

e) they have seen your webpage

f) they visited your webpage by choice.

At this stage we would set up a retargeting ad that shared a few additional features of the drill along with some testimonials from other happy customers with beautiful homes and beautiful pictures.

Remember, I don't actually want the thing (in this case the drill)  

So everything you put in front of me now needs to be about this incredible feeling i'm going to get when I purchase this drill.

When I buy your drill I'm also getting these beautiful houses that i'm seeing.  I'm also getting these beautiful pictures that i'm seeing. I'm also now one of these very happy and content people with an expression of laughter and bliss on my face.

Now for the offer...

At this point you want to create whats called an irresistible offer.  

Once I hear this offer it must be so good that there's no way I wouldn't take action on it today.  I'd be crazy not to.  

Not because you said I'd be crazy not to, but because I decided that based upon how good your offer was.

A good offer possesses aspects of scarcity. (Hurry! Only 23 left!!)

A good offer gives me incentive to take action now (The next 10 customers will also get this ______________(insert awesome thing thats easy to deliver upon) 

A good offer is easy to buy (accepts credit card, paypal, apple pay)

And thats a complete sale process.

Now obviously there are not so many steps involved in selling most things but our task was to sell a drill in mass quantities so it took a complete selling cycle.

Think about how you can apply all or some of this to your business and watch what happens next.

Notice how we educated first about a pain point they had or a pleasure they were after.

The pleasure was wanting their house to feel like a home.

Their pain was not knowing the most efficient ways to achieve that. Feeling stuck.  Feeling helpless.  Feeling incapable.

Then we introduced a solution once like and trust was built or rather earned.

Then we gave them a reason to buy now.  

Most importantly, they were never sold.

Still not sure if this approach works?

Right now, imagine if I offered a service that would show business owners how to get more sales and earn the amount of money that they wanted to each month.

Then I created a blog post that outlined exactly what to do.

I just educated you on exactly what to do.

But you still may not know how to (run facebook ads, build checkout carts, retarget specific people based upon behavior, come up with the perfect offer, etc)

Now that i've educated you on exactly what to do and we've identified your problem.

How likely would you be to hire me to consult with you on how to implement this in your business?

See what I mean?

And that my friend, is how you know it works <-----

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About Author: 
Wes Bewley

Wes Bewley is an entrepreneur in Austin, TX 

He offers a private fb group for current and aspiring business owners, called Entrepreneur Fight Club
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