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The Only 3 Ways Any Business Can Increase Their Monthly Revenue
Written by Wes Bewley on Oct. 17th 2017
Right now in your business, there are only 3 ways to increase your monthly revenue.

Now that may sound limiting however these 3 ways are virtually unlimited.

The first step to increasing your revenue is know the ways that you can actually do it.

So lets not waste any time:
1) Get more clients or customer
2) Raise the prices on your product or service
3) Sell something else to your clients or customers

That's it.  Those are the only 3 ways.

Now #1 is an obvious.  If you need help with getting more clients or customers we discuss cutting edge strategies every week in my private facebook group for entrepreneurs.  You can request access to join that here.  Its also free.

#2 isn't seemingly so easy to do.  I mean when was the last time your clients or customers begged you to raise your prices?  Probably never if i'm guessing.

Here's a way you might do it: Pretend you owned a gym.

You might send all of your members an email or letter that reads:

Dear valued client,
We greatly appreciate you allowing us to serve you at Crossfit Lake Travis.

We are constantly thinking and brainstorming ways to help you get more results and to enjoy a greater experience while you're here with us each week.

Our main goal is to make this place the best hour of your day.

In doing so, we are happy to announce that we will be investing in some new equipment for you shortly.  We have plans to order 3 reverse hypers, 4 ski erg machines, and to upgrade all of your bumper plates.  If plans go accordingly we will also be ordering several custom weight lifting bars designed for the snatch and power snatch movement.

This year we'd also like to open up 4 additional times each week for you to workout.
Our goal is to increasingly make it more and more convenient for you to get your workout in.  That's why we'll be opening up a new 11:00 am slot M-F during the 2nd quarter of this year.

As we grow and continue to make sure you have every cutting edge piece of equipment that we feel can help you see further results in your workouts, doing so will slightly increase our monthly expenditure.

In order to accomplish this we need to increase the rates just slightly so that you have access to all of these new pieces of equipment. 

As of March 1st you'll notice a slight increase in your monthly rate going from $175 to $189.

If there are any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me directly.  888-888-8888

We truly are honored to have you as a client at Crossfit Lake Travis and look forward to seeing your smiling face each week.

P.S. we have an upcoming pool party in May that you'll hear about this week when you come to workout.  You'll also be able to rsvp at that time as well!

You're the best!
- CFLT Staff

That would be one example of how you could easily raise your rates.  Sure there would be and always are the 3 people who refuse to pay an additional $14/month, however, that comes with the territory and its very likely they weren't really a fit for your community to begin with.  So honor their request and bless them on their way.

#3 is my absolute favorite and is the easiest way to increase your monthly revenue by offering an additional product or service.

Staying with the fitness industry here are a couple things that you might do:
Offer high quality supplements
  - Now there is a correct way and an incorrect way of doing this.  If this is something
    you're interested in implementing correctly, do shoot me a text 512-987-5000 and 
    we'll set up a time to jump on a quick strategy call to discuss how to do it properly
    and masterfully.

Offer additional skill based classes

Sell T-shirts and Swag

Rent out lockers for a small monthly or yearly fee

Bring in a massage therapist if space allows

Offer online personal training
Offering online training is one of the most logical ways of increasing your revenue because it immediately expands your reach from a 15 mile radius to a World Wide Audience.  It is my opinion that just about every personal trainer should also offer online training as an option to long distance connections that they make on vacation or on social media.  One of my specialties is helping personal trainers launch their online training business in 7 days or less and the system we use to do that is second to none.  
If you happen to be a personal trainer you can see a short overview on how to do that here

These 3 ways:
1) Get more clients or customer
2) Raise the prices on your product or service
3) Sell something else to your clients or customers

Can be applied to just about any business.

If you need help with the implementation of doing so feel free to APPLY HERE and you and I can schedule a 15 minute coaching call to go over any suggestions I may be able to offer for your business.
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About Author: 
Wes Bewley

Wes Bewley is an entrepreneur in Austin, TX 

He offers a private fb group for current and aspiring business owners, called Entrepreneur Fight Club
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