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How to Invite People to Apply to be Your Customer vs. Asking them to be your customer
Written by Wes Bewley on Oct. 17th 2017
A hungry man talks to as many people as is necessary in order to find his next customer.  A smart man figures out a way to have his customers find him.  A genius has them apply. 
If you're like me, then you probably don't like rejection.

In fact, no one likes rejection.  I read a book several years ago called "Go For No". It made sense at the time but it assumed the pretense that a person must be told No in order to get a Yes.  

Basically it was a book about seeing rejection as a positive.

That's a great thought for most people and it sold a lot of books! 

But when you really think about it... that's kind of a dumb approach.

A few months ago i had the thought of "what if I had potential customers apply to be customers of mine"

I thought of it while looking at private schools for my son, here in Austin.

The schools that charge the most, are also the hardest to get into.

They make you apply to give them money each month and a lot of it!

So i thought how could I help other people do this in their own business.

What if there was a way that you could avoid rejection all together and actually make yourself more valuable in your potential customers eyes?

What if there was a way that you could sell even more of your products and services in a way that caused your customer to hold you in high regard, whether they purchased something from you or not?

Well there is such a way and it is nothing short of A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

It's called the Application Method.

I recently put together a training for personal trainers and online health and fitness experts that would show them a way to comfortably and effectively sell more of their products and services (supplements, online training, personal training, gear, etc)

Feel free to watch it here if that's you.

Here's how it works:

I'll use an online health & fitness expert as an example.

If i was an online health & fitness expert I would post generic and valuable content on social media and increase my reach thru reciprocity ads (videos where you teach something value with absolutely nothing to sell)

One post might be:
Do you know the #1 Exercise to burn the most body fat?
A) 20 mins Cardio  B) Heavy Deadlifts   C) Jumping Jacks   D) Arm Curls

(this gets engagement and tells facebook's algorithm that i'm important

Then i would post several other valuable posts.  
"The truth about avocados and are they really good for you?"
"Why you should never do cardio again if you want a 6-pack"

etc etc etc...

THEN i would post a before and after of one of my clients, shout him or her out and at the bottom i would put

P.S. In case you don't know, i offer free 15 minute coaching sessions to share a couple strategies that will help you start getting some serious results.  Comment: Send Details and i'll PM you

After the comment i will private message them a link to a survey that looks like this:
When they fill it out i will automatically get the results emailed to my inbox and i can set up a call with them to go over my suggestions.

On that call i would suggest food options and supplement options that can fill in the gaps i'm seeing in their diet and can also offer them a personal training or online training program that i have.

And THAT is how its done.  You can build an invisible empire using this method and this can be duplicated with just about any business.

The only thing you're doing is removing a step and inviting people to APPLY before they can buy.

Most people just say, "Here's what i have, and you can buy it here" which is why they don't sell very much of whatever "it" is.

If you need help with this in your business feel free to APPLY HERE ;-) and you and i can schedule a 15 minute coaching call to go over my suggestions for your business and product
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About Author: 
Wes Bewley

Wes Bewley is an entrepreneur in Austin, TX 

He offers a private fb group for current and aspiring business owners, called Entrepreneur Fight Club
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