ATTENTION: Personal Trainers AND Online Health & Fitness Experts
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Here's a Systematic Approach to Generate $2,000 - $10,000 Month By The End Of The Year With Your Supplement Business
QUESTION: What's the best way to acquire a new customer?
ANSWER: Have them Apply to be your customer

Look its no secret, if you're a personal trainer or online health and fitness guru, then the last thing you want to do is post about a supplement brand all day on social media or feel like you're pushing products on your personal training clients.

But... you love your supplements and you know your clients life would be better with them, than without them.

You also know your supplement line truly can help your clients get better and faster results.

So how could you double, triple, or quadruple your supplement sales without posting all the time about supplements (spam) or feeling like you're being pushy?

SOLUTION:  Have your clients or following REQUEST that you tell them about it.

Enter Your Brand New Lifestyle Survey Funnel:
Now you can have your clients fill out this survey and once they hit "Submit Answers" you will receive an email notification with all of their responses

Then you simply set up a FREE 10 minute coaching call with them to go over their answers and make any food, supplement, & workout suggestions that you see fit.

My average order using this method ranges from $200-$400 month worth of supplements and of course many clients choose to incorporate even more.

The best part is, with this method, even if they don't choose to take your recommendations they still walk away feeling great about the interaction they had with you.
Here's How To Get People To Want To Schedule 
A Coaching Call With You.
If you're a trainer, its EASY! 

Have all of your clients fill out your lifestyle questionnaire when they join your program, then schedule their free nutrition coaching call.  Easy peasy, repeat, repeat, repeat.

If you have existing clientele, let them know you offer free coaching calls to help them break through plateaus and when they say "I'm in"... send them your application then schedule their call.

Post generic health & fitness tips several times a week.  Build reciprocity.  Win fans. Build trust.

The 4 best exercises to burn body fat if you're limited on time.
The truth about avocados and why you might limit them.
How 3 squeezes of lemon juice in your water cleanses the body.
On and on...

Follow other online health & fitness celebs and post variations of what they're posting.

Get collaboration & engagement from your followers:
Do you know what the best exercise is to burn body fat?
a) 20 min cardio b) deadlifts c) jumping jacks  d) bicep curls

THEN once or twice a month post a before and after of one of your clients and shout them out on social media.
"Congrats to Rachel who dropped 3 dress sizes and 10 pounds with our program!!!  That smile and those size 4 pants looks great on you!"

Then put:
"P.S. If you'd like to get results like my friend Rachel I offer Free 15 minute coaching calls to help you jump start your results!  

Comment: "Interested" and i'll send you a short lifestyle survey, quickly fill it out, then i'll schedule a time to show you at least 3 things you can do right now to start getting better results"

Then you PM those who are interested with your website link.  The best part is, you haven't annoyed any followers who may not be a fit or who's timing may not be right at the moment.
Now Let's Do Some Math
I have trainers set a goal of sending 365 applications a year.

If you can send out 30 a month to existing clients, new clients, and your social media following you'll have that covered in no time.

Now, lets say only 150 of those people complete the survey and schedule a call.

And to be even more conservative, lets say only 100 of them take your supplement recommendations.

And to be even more conservative let's say your average monthly order is $100/product per month.

You now have 100 Customers ordering $100 on average.
That's $10,000/month in supplement sales.

I'll let you figure out what that would equal to you.

Now lets say your supplement line is tied to a system where you can bring on other trainers and earn a commission for helping them.

And lets assume that if this makes really good sense to you it's very likely that it will make sense to others.

Do the math on what that would mean for you if you helped just 3 other trainers do the same thing.

How about 6, 9, 12, 15+ over the course of the next 18 to 24 months?
So grab your free custom website template and on the next page i'll show you how to set it all up.

You'll also have access to a private support group if you have any questions.